Courses for security guard The vigilance institute Il Notturno, thanks to the experience gained over time, organizes specific courses for security guard in Naples: designed specifically for the staff in the workforce, for new employees with regard to education and theoretical/practical training, for veterans with regard to updating on new technologies, new procedures, etc. These courses consist of theoretical classes and pursue the following objectives: Knowledge of the regulations governing the activity of private security guards and the duties of security guards, as well as those relating to safety at work; Knowledge of the requirements and theoretical/practical learning of operational techniques for the performance of services; Knowledge of the business organization and description of how to organize the various types of services; Attendance at the shooting range that allows the issuance of a pistol and/or rifle license and the acquisition of the technical operational knowledge related to the use, handling, care and custody of weapons; Training in the use of two-way radio equipment, as well as any other technological equipment used as equipment; Thorough knowledge of the rules of the T. U.L.P.S. on private security; Implementing regulations and related decrees as well as prescriptions issued by the P.S. Authority; Notions of criminal law and procedure with in-depth study of regulatory aspects relating to the lawful use of weapons, carrying, transporting, use, care and custody of weapons; Notions of constitutional law; Collective bargaining of the sector-labor legislation; Ethical-professional aspects in the training of security guards intended for anti-robbery services, as well as in-depth knowledge of the technological equipment provided. The lessons should be organized so that through the analysis of some real-life news events concerning property crimes, techniques and strategies to adequately prevent and counter criminal actions are illustrated. The institute also prepares, on an annual basis, a professional update information document for all employed security guards. It organizes the necessary courses for the updating of personnel in the event that innovative technological instrumentation is introduced and used, or implementations and/or innovations of the instrumentation in use, aimed at improving the effectiveness of the services performed. This is to ensure greater security conditions for security guards in the performance of the same services or regulatory and legislative innovations for the activities of the institutions and guards, of particular importance. The professional update information document shall pose as its subject matter the same subjects indicated in the previous point, taking special care of the in-depth study of any new regulations related to the specific field.