IL NOTTURNO is fully aware that the phenomenon of corruption is an obstacle to the economic, political and social development of a country and a heavy distortion of rules, fairness and market competitiveness. In this sense, IL NOTTURNO has put in place a management system whose purpose is to keep the corruptive phenomenon under control through constant training to its workers and the involvement of business associates. In application of this commitment, Management has determined that the Policy for the Prevention of Corruption is based on: ● Strict and full compliance with current legislation on preventing and combating corruption with the involvement of employees, business associates in any capacity and all persons working for and/or under the control of the organization; ● The absolute prohibition of behaviours that could be considered as corruption or attempted corruption; ● The carrying out of an accurate context analysis that has led to the identification, within the activities carried out by the company, of the areas of potential danger and identification and implementation of appropriate actions to reduce/minimize the risks themselves; ● The full commitment to comply with all requirements of the management system for the prevention of corruption by all company stakeholders; ● Raising awareness among business associates so that they adopt policies and actions for the prevention of corruptive phenomena in the activities of specific competence, which comply with legal requirements and are consistent with the objectives of the organization; ● The awareness and training of its employees on the issues of prevention of corruption; ● The provision of ways of reporting suspicions in good faith, or on the basis of reasonable belief, ensuring the anonymity of reporters; ● The prosecution of any behavior that does not comply with the corruption prevention policy with the application of the organization's penalty system; ● The designation of a compliance function for the prevention of corruption, ensuring full authority and independence in the task; Recipients are encouraged to report any possible violation of the Anti-Corruption System of which they have become aware, even indirectly, in the course of their activities, and whistleblowers are guaranteed protection from any form of retaliation, discrimination or penalization, without prejudice to legal obligations. Any employee or collaborator who fails to act in accordance with this Policy will be subject to disciplinary sanctions, commensurate with the seriousness of the violation carried out. Any partner or supplier who fails to act in accordance with this Policy will be subject to contractual disciplinary sanctions. The company communicates this Policy to the Recipients and periodically updates its contents. Management believes that the most appropriate business strategy for the achievement of this Anti-Corruption Policy consists of the full implementation of the Management System for the Prevention of Corruption in accordance with UNI ISO 37001: 2016.