IL NOTTURNO DI MASTROMINICO TIBERIO & C. S.A.S ETHICAL POLICY. The Top Management, which operates according to the principles of mutuality and solidarity, aims to contribute to the development and consolidation of the activities carried out by the Organization The Organization, in accordance with SA 8000 regulations pursues the following purposes: ● To promote, support, research and recreate all conditions that ensure in every environment a balanced and complete development of the human person; ● To create and search for new jobs, both in public and private companies, encouraging job placement in a productive activity suited to each person's aptitudes and abilities. In addition to these, the Organization undertakes to comply with: ● To national laws and other applicable laws; ● To comply with the international instruments listed in Section II of SA 8000 and their interpretation; ● To all requirements subscribed by the company; ● To publicly testify the ethical and social principles contained in the document, and in particular to: ● Not admit child labor; ● Not admit forced labor; ● Provide a safe and healthy work environment; ● Avoid forms of discrimination and ensure equal opportunities; ● Respect freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining; ● Avoid disciplinary procedures, such as corporal punishment, coercion, verbal abuse; ● Ensure fair pay. ● Respect appropriate working hours; In addition: ● An analysis of the context in which the organization operates is carried out; ● Risks associated with the activity carried out by the organization are identified and assessed; ● Compliance with relevant applicable Laws, regulations, specifications and national and international standards is continuously ensured; ● Regular monitoring of legislative and regulatory developments in the field of work, safety and the environment and timely compliance with the new requirements; ● Constant commitment to safety and health protection for workers is demonstrated; ● Work environments and machinery are constantly monitored to ensure their compatibility with the protection of workers' health and safety; ● All employees are informed, trained and instructed to work with full knowledge of the potential risks associated with the activities; ● Surveillance procedures are introduced and applied in order to monitor the implementation of this policy, including by conducting periodic audits aimed at verifying the efficiency and adequacy of the measures taken to manage emergency situations; ● There is the provision of measures to ensure that all companies working on our behalf adopt behaviors, practices and procedures consistent with the principles defined in this policy. ● There is a commitment on the part of the Organization's management to the full dissemination of this policy and the verification of the results obtained. The achievement of these results and, above all, their effectiveness, will be evaluated during the Ethics Management System Review to be held annually.