The staff belonging to the motorcycle corps of the security institution Il Notturno, consists of security guards, qualified and specialized in the field and able to intervene in any situation of danger to the activities of our clients. They, once they have passed the difficult selection process, undergo education and training courses, as well as periodic refresher courses
For emergency service in Naples, each of the institute's radiomobiles is constantly connected with the operations center ensuring effective service in case of alarm reports or immediate request for law enforcement and firefighters in case the context require it. In addition, patrols carry out control services in surveillance areas in order to protect customers' property and premises.

The Vigilance Institute Il Notturno has as many as 20 armored vans dedicated to transporting valuables. Due to the dangerous nature of the type of service, it is essential to form a team for this specific department. The team is trained and educated to deal with the most critical circumstances through fast driving and behavioral courses. Our department is able to offer maximum safety and professionalism in this area.
Our team of security guards in some types of operations are accompanied by perfectly trained dogs. German Shepherds are an excellent deterrent against crime within public and commercial premises; during patrols, inspections and stakeouts they are very important as they depict substantial support in case of fleeing subjects.